The Unapologetic Series with Alex Tackie - Kwesi Ansah

Happy 2019! It’s good to be back to LPNY creating content to tell the stories of the brands and creative individuals we love and cherish from the African continent! We’re kicking off with a new photo series featuring Ghanian model Kwesi Ansah!

The concept was captured to portray UNAPOLOGETICALLY how being black carries LIBERATION, PEACE AND SOLITUDE as well . Thus; The photographer (Alex) believes that Being Black shouldn't always be likened to violence and mean behaviour. Black is FREE SPIRITED, Black is LOVE , Black is BEAUTIFUL, Black is PRIDE. .


Photographer: Alex Tackie

Model : Kwesi Ansah

We got the chance to tell Kwesi’s story a while ago and one thing he said always stuck with us: AK: “Being African, to me, reminds me of how blessed I am and the responsibilities I hold to all those I aim to inspire through my work and life. Being African, Being Black is accompanied with a divine force that keeps you going. You Are Never Alone.” to read the full interview with Kwesi see here