"Pink Matters"


Pink Matters

LPNY recently got a whole batch of new collabs and work to show you that are taking place on the continent. One of them brought to our attention recently is Pink Matters. The photographs focus on male models, with a unique street-style, posing in front of a pink wall as well as pink elements to their ensembles. 


They say "brave men wear pink"..... 
The above phrase denotes how the color pink has been linked to only females for ages now. 
" Pink Looks Good With Melanin '' It therefore focus on dynamic switch on males by exhibiting discreet tucked in street styles. 

The collection incorporates timeless and archive styles and designes to express the artistic freedom that is ultimately developed for modest beginning in today's fashion world. 
Exploring labour-inspired silhouettes in funky poses ,the styles aim is to contrast the pink color to other other colors and raising the awareness that the colour pink is not gender stereotype. 

Photographer: @nuel Jhosey
Styled by: @tsutsublema
Creative Director: @kobby Klein  

Model1: Prince Tona
Model2: Roland Paul
Model3: Nii Pro
Model4: Shadrach stone
Model5: Agyeman Badu

-Ekow Barnes