Independence Day: Senegal: 3 Senegalese Designers Doing it Right

Happy Independence Day Senegal! Here are three designers from Senegal we've got our eyes on and you should too.

1. Selly Raby Kane

Selly Raby Kane is a clothing line created in 2008 by Senegalese designer Selly Raby. The designs embody a mix of urban, Afro and pop. While offering contemporary clothing to the international fashion forward person, Selly Raby Kane’s signature is a mixture of modern and trendy ,while partnering traditional and contemporary fabrics. Oh & Beyonce wears Selly Raby Kane!

2. Tongoro by Sarah Diouf

 [TONGORO] means 'star' in #Sango, which is the Central African Republic national language (sadly ranked 180 on 187 on the Human Development Index). Heart of the continent, and abounding in diamonds mines, the country has only known few hours of peace since its independence in 1958 with unstable and rocky political situations (...) leading last year, to an unprecedented chaos on which the whole world turned his back. For every single time I will be asked what Tongoro means, I'll be able to highlight this forgotten land and pay tribute to the very heart of the Motherland, wounded, bleeding, yet still blossoming - Sarah Diouf tells LPNY. We'll have the full interview on LPNY tomorrow!


3. Nio Far by Milcos

Milcos Badji has created an exceptional line of handmade traditional mudcloth sneakers! These sneakers are trendy trendy and comfy! The stories told by each sneaker range from history to African proverbs and cultural values. Nio Far is making moves in the fashion industry! Make sure you stay up to date! Photosby photographer Siaka Traore,