Orange Culture A/W 17: Pretty

Orange Culture the Nigerian brand that is described by the founder is a “movement” has done it again with their Autumn/ winter 2017 collection entitled Pretty and here's a little scoop into the inspiration behind it.

For this collection, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, the Creative Director chose to infer on garments, the religion of romance.
— Orange Culture

"Romanticism is at the base of the fabrications and shapes. A story of blossoming teenage boys - the full spectrum of what it means to be young, which encompasses the carelessness of love, the angst of failure, and also the delicateness of hurt. "As a Nigerian boy, you are not necessarily allowed to own hurt, even if it is staring you right in the face. It is a deeply rooted patriarchal system that invalidates pain as an essence to maleness. Mostly you are required to be a man before you are old enough to realize that being a man is overrated." Oke Lawal tells."

Our Mini Scoop

How does this collection evoke a different vision than your previous collections? It isn't necessarily a different vision entirely , it's just a different facet to what the orange culture man feels , explores and needs to embrace

What is your prized piece in the collection? The knits are my favorites - especially the all print knit

What are you hoping people will understand from this collection? The need to feel and embrace pain.