Capulana is my story
— Uitnei Chamusso


Country: Mozambique 

WUMBURI is a organization developed by three remarkable and inspiring women from Mozambique (located in southeastern Africa); Uitnei Chamusso, Eudarda Guitunga and Melba Jorge. Yet WUMBURI has developed into much more than what it's description provides. It is today not only a style of living but WUMBURI is "accepting [oneself] to be the best that [they] can be" - Bongany Mazuze is it also "simply believing" - Uitnei Chamusso while at the same time encouraging those who are exposed to it to "rise and shine regardless" - Eduarda Guitunga

The organization founded January 2013 has adopted capulana as its primary aid of expression and has done so intricately and beautifully. Co-founder Uitnei Chamusso exclusively shared with us a few insights into WUMBURI and we are proud to share those with you. 

According to Uitnei Chamusso "working with capulana is a huge responsibility" like she always sais "its not a simple piece of fabric [as] it represents history and culture and I feel like its a great honor being able to work with capulana".

Giving a great support to the Capulana Weekend is what Uitnei explained as the importance of capulana today which is that "capulana has been looked down at, as a very cheap and insignificant resource. Little do people know, that it represents so much more, our [Mozambican] culture, identity and history." As more of a lifestyle, and inclusive organization Wumburi collaborates with a sea of designers and creative minds to create all that is Wumburi. Here are a few examples of what has come of these ingenious collaborations: WUMBURI has managed to successfully integrate itself and grow within such a short period of time. With such a success story and inspiring advocates, we can only and we sure do expect great and incroyable things to come!
Alas, we are left with great expectations, overwhelming excitement and a quote about Wumburi that "you can never understand who you are, unless you understand what made [makes] you, so that you can create all that you aspire" - Uitnei Chamusso