The The Brave Women Jewelry House "PICHULIK" . A Talk with Katherine-Mary Pichulik

LPNY got the chance to chat with creator of the South African jewelry house Pichulik herself; Katherine-Mary Pichulik who has managed to create the jewelry powerhouse, that not only creates amazing pieces but highlights brave women who are making a difference, working hard and are inspiring! 

LPNY: We would love to know how PICHULIK started? Was it always a passion? Or did it happen out of a coincidence?

Katherine-Mary Pichulik, Creator of Pichulik

Katherine-Mary Pichulik, Creator of Pichulik

KP: I am a trained artist and pastry chef. I came back from doing an internship at Art Review in London, and baking in a bakery in Brixton, UK. I travelled India and Spain and returned to Cape Town, broke and unsure of my purpose. Over the next six months, I began bottling peppers, started a catering company at markets and making neckpieces at night. I fell into fashion out of a love for making things with my hands and an interest in ornamentation. PICHULIK has been around for just over 3 years and we have cultivated a loyal community of wearers, which has led to some accolades by the fashion industry. We are interested in using jewellery for telling empowered stories.

LPNY: What is the brand image PICHULIK tries to create/ emit?

KP: PICHULIK is a conduit to create a space for women to have dialogue around themes of self-worth, empowerment and self-acceptance. I hope to create more vehicles to really aggregate these wisdom circles both online and in actual organised events.


Pichulik Autumn/Winter

LPNY: At LPNY, teamwork is essential and we cherish it; tell us about your team(s)? What role do they play in the success of your brand?

KP: We have a multi-faceted team, but the uniting feature is that every member is a brave, generous-hearted woman (plus two men) with a lot of humour and sass – not different to the women who wear our PICHULIK pieces!

LPNY: How do you begin to piece together a collection? From where do you draw inspiration?

KP: Each PICHULIK piece is inspired by African tribal ornamentation. The sacred nature of traditional jewellery and its link to rituals and ceremonies are behind each vibrant, timeless neckpiece, bracelet and pair of earrings.

Pichulik Nolita Collection

Pichulik Nolita Collection

LPNY: In your opinion, what does Africa have to offer to the world of fashion, accessories and art that the rest of the world has yet to see?

KP: I think we have a multitude of narratives, challenges and restraints. This leads to exciting and innovative work. We don’t have a long heritage of established design brands as is the case in Europe, yet we have lineages of craft and craftsmanship. Our definition of design is not devoid of its function in society. Thus we have lots of space in its description and manifestation. I also think we get the concept of community – we share our opportunities and platforms. 

Pichulik SS15 Collection