Kipé: African Elegance & A bow tie à la française

Happy April oh and Wedding Season! We got to chatting with the creator of the exquisite bow ties Kipé and the history behind the fabrics - many fail to inform their clients of. Cyriane tells LPNY: I made my first bow-tie for my husband for a wedding because we wanted to match our outfit. I was wearing a skirt made with wax print. The accessory was a real success. Since then, I have set up my workshop at home. Julien, my husband made my website!

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"kipato kidogo": A look into Kenya's Kiapto Unbranded

Kipato Unbranded x LPNY is a work in progress in which LPNY is dedicated to bringing you the story of this extraordinary company and partnership that truly stands for unity, social enterprise, youth & gender focused and eco -friendly.

"When Marta first started working with one of the artists, he asked me for “kipato kidogo,” which is a slang expression for “something small." - KU

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The Woman behind Afropolitain Magazine: Nsayi Keziah Makoundou

We got the chance to sit down with the woman behind the emerging and engaging magazine Afropolitain Magazine! "Afropolitain is a new multicultural and multidimensional magazine highlighting the heritage of African culture. The core audience target is the African diaspora and / or those of African origin. It’s multicultural appeal is due to the spread of the diaspora to all continents." - Afropolitain Magazine

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