What is Lapetitenewyorkaine?

Lapetitenewyorkaine (LPNY) is a platform and blog whose mission is to discover, introduce, collaborate and influence designers, brands and individuals in the fashion industry with a particular focus on the African diaspora. Since 2013, we have continued to expand our horizons and vision for the platform and thus in 2016, have entered the travel and #wanderlust space. The vision of LPNY today is to create opportunities for the those who align with our mission and have them recognized for their creativity, artistry, talent and contribution to the international fashion industry.

Who runs LPNY?

LPNY is primarily run by the founder and editor in chief Jahira however there is a team of 3 that oversees several aspects of the site and social media accounts.


At LPNY we never take credit for the photographs unless it is explicetly stated that they are our own. Because of the nature of our website and interviews, brands will often send us the approved photographs or we will always link the source in the image. 





Depending on the platform. On Instagram we love our follow family of 30k + and on the site we're always trying to push for more but we typically see an engagement of 10-20% of readers and around 1,200 impressions. For more information please contact us directly.

How do i request an INTERVIEW with lpny?

At LPNY we love to tell your story and that of your brand. Feel free to reach out with any requests to info@lapetitenewyorkaine.com and let's make magic happen!

Where can I shop the brands?

More often than not we will link brands we interview to their online shop or pages to facilitate this request. Should you see an item that is not linked, feel free to contact us and we'll find it for you!