Kipato Unbranded x LPNY

Kipato- in Kiswahili means income or profit.


Founded in 2015, Kipato Unbranded is a socially conscious jewelry line that has quality jewelry at affordable prices. Using recycled local materials from low-income areas like Kibera and Kawangware, Nairobi-based founder and designer Marta Anna Krajnik creates pieces at affordable prices that both her clients and artists benefit from.


Kipato Unbranded x LPNY is a work in progress in which LPNY is dedicated to bringing you the story of this extraordinary company and partnership that truly stands for unity, social enterprise, youth & gender focused and eco -friendly.  We hope that our interviews and creative partnership will drive you to look further into Kipato Unbranded and get yourself amazing jewelry. Full interview with Kipato's founder Marta coming soon.



Alisha Garufi wearing Kipato Unbranded.jpg